Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My first self-irrigating planter (SIP)!

I used Josh Mandel's amazing instructions to create the boxes.

Instead of PVC or black plastic tubing I reused an old garden hose (drinking water safe) that the couplings had broken on. After the learning curve on the first one the other one was fast to build. I couldn't have done all the cutting without a jigsaw.

My first plantings in the new containers are some paste tomatoes in the one box and a yellow bell pepper and a red bell pepper in the second one. I am extremely pleased with the outcome. Now I just hope I will be pleased with the harvests! The boxes are a pretty good height that they should be easy to tend even with my disabilities due to the weed barrier and relaxed watering schedule. Now if I just had the resources to cover my yard in them!

I still have to figure out how I want to support my tomato plants. Usually I use one of those metal spiral things but I don't think they will fit in my new planters. I may however drive them into the ground on either side and put up some netting to tie my plants to.

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Dwayne Deas said...

can i say, my ankle still hurts. Can we fix it organically?